Best Stick Worm Colors for Bass Fishing

The Obee Stick Worm is among the best bass fishing baits of all time because of its effectiveness and simplicity. Another great feature of the 5" Obee Stick Worm is that it comes in a variety of colors. When there are so many different colors to choose from, how do you know which of them you should use and when?

For all-around performance, the best Stick Worm color is green pumpkin with black flake or black and blue flake. The black and blue color of a Stick Worm works best in murky or stained water, and the green pumpkin with black flake is the most versatile and effective color.  

As a result, there are several great color combinations you can use as a Stick Worm fisher in a wide variety of conditions.


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Best Stick Worm Colors for Bass

If there has been a single bait that has changed the bass fishing industry over the years, it’s the Stick Worm. The Stick Worm is used by beginners to professional anglers and is a bait I make sure I always have tied on.

With multiple different color options and sizes it could be difficult to choose which color to use.  For that reason, here is a list of the best Obee Fishing Stick Worm Colors that I have the most confidence in.

The Top 10 Senko Colors for Bass

  1. Green Pumpkin Black Flake
  2. Black and Blue Flake
  3. Green Pumpkin Green & Purple
  4. Watermelon Red Green Fake
  5. Cinnamon Purple Flake
  6. Salt & Pepper (Clear Bl Flk)
  7. June Bug
  8. Generals Watermelon
  9. Baby Bass
  10. Bubble Gum

Let's talk about a few.


Green Pumpkin Black Flake

There is no question that the Green Pumpkin Stick Worm is the most popular color. A basic color like this is perhaps the most versatile and effective color created so far.

No matter if the water is clear, low light or sunny, stained or low light, it works. Bass fishing anglers should always have this color in their tackle box since they catch bass on it anywhere in the country.


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Black and Blue Flake

The black and blue flake color of the Stick Worm makes it a great choice for muddy waters. In muddy or stained water, dark colors offer a strong contrast and remain visible.

Stick Worms with black and blue flake will help them stand out in darker water, increasing your chances of catching nearby bass. Make sure you always have a supply of this color on hand.

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Green Pumpkin Candy

Green pumpkin green, red, purple flake is among my favorite Stick Worm colors. In order to catch a bite when I'm having no luck, I'll turn to this color when all else fails. Any body of water in any part of the county would benefit from the color, which is all-around perfect.

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Watermelon Red Green Flake

In bright sunny days, watermelon with some kind of bright flake is one of the best colors of Stick Worm. Personally, I love the Watermelon with Red and Black flake.

Combined with the watermelon base, the sun rays reflect off the flakes, giving a flash of color.

It is particularly effective in shallow water, but it is also effective in deep water. Next time you throw a Stick Worm, consider using watermelon with red flake.

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Salt & Pepper (Clear Bl Flk)

We asked Bass Fishing Professionals what their favorite Stick Worm color is. A majority of respondents said, "Salt and pepper is probably one of the best colors.  Regardless of where I go, I can take this color and fish will bite it."

When multiple pros tell you to try this color out, then you should, because it does an excellent job of imitating baitfish.

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Baby Bass

Something about the color of baby bass Stick Worms really attracts opportunistic bass. Stick Worms in this color mimic baitfish such as shad, perch, bluegill, and baby bass.

One of the most productive colors and one you should add to your arsenal, this one has dangerous effects in clear to stained water.

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Best Stick Worm Color for Murky Water

It can be difficult for the bass to locate and find your soft plastic bait when you throw it in murky or stained water. As a result, when fishing in murky water, you should use dark and bright colors of Stick Worms.

To fish in murky or stained water, here are the best Stick Worm colors:

  • Black Blue Flake
  • Black Blue Laminate
  • Bama Bug
  • Bug Grinder
  • Chartreuse Black Flake
  • Smoke Blk Blu Chart Flake


Best Stick Worm Color for Clear Water

In clear water, stick worms can also be used for catching bass. Stick Worms with natural colors such as green pumpkin, watermelon and white are great choices for clear water conditions.

It is also important to consider the amount of light penetration (cloudy vs. sunny days) when fishing in clear water. On days where the sun is high and the water is clear, I like to throw natural colored Stick Worms that have bright colored flakes. Colors like watermelon with red or purple flake and green pumpkin with red flake or great colors.

Alternatively, natural colors with darker tones tend to outperform those with little or no light penetration (cloudy days or dawn/dusk). For me, green pumpkins with black flake are the best.

In the following two categories, I have listed my favorite Stick Worm colors for clear water:

High Light Penetration (Sunny bluebird skies)

  • Watermelon Rd & Grn
  • Watermelon Candy
  • Watermelon Blue Flake
  • Green Pumpkin Lg Red Flake
  • Blue Pearl Black & Holo Fake
  • Mad Melon
  • Crushed Perch

During the middle of the day, any Stick Worm color that flashes when the sun is high is a great choice.

Low Light (Cloudy, Sunrise/Sunset)

  • Green Pumpkin Black Flake
  • Green Pumpkin Magic
  • B Bug Grinder
  • Bama Bug
  • Black Blue Flake
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Laminate

In low light conditions, on cloudy days or early or late in the day, any dark or bright color of Stick Worm will really make your bait stand out.


Best Stick Worm Color for Ponds

As you may have already noticed, Stick Worm has a wide range of colors for its anglers. In ponds, stick worms of different colors will produce different results depending on the clarity of the water. Whites, green pumpkins, and natural-looking colors look best in clear water. If the water is muddy, darker colors are best, such as black, blue, and black.

Below is an overview of when each Stick Worm color should be used when bass fishing in ponds:

  • Clear water:  Natural colors, whites, pearls
  • Stained water: Green Pumpkins, Watermelons, or any of the colors not on the extreme light or extreme dark ends of the color choices.
  • Muddy/Dark water: Dark or bright colors, black & blue, junebug etc



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