Best Soft Plastic Baits to Catch More Fish

Of all the top bass lures, soft plastic baits offer the most lifelike profiles, textures, and movements. Because of this, bass find them alluring, whether they are hidden in dense cover along the bank or hovering above a rock pile that is 100 feet deep. Bass will bite at least one of the virtually infinite variety of styles, sizes, and colors, regardless of whether the current circumstances make them spooky or aggressive.

Soft Plastic baits are quite versatile with many different rigging options available that product huge bass.  Rigging weightless we recommend using a spinning rod and anything with a weight we always go with a bait caster.  Using Obee Soft Plastic Baits gives you a better chance at catching that lunker!

Best Finesse Worm: Obee Finesse Worm (6-inch) 

Best Stick Worm: Obee Stick Worm (5-inch)

Best Soft Plastic Jerkbait/Fluke: Obee Jerk Minnow (5-inch)

Best Finesse Worm - Obee Finesse Worm (6-inch)

Why the Obee Finesse Worm: 6-inch straight worm with a bulb tail that responds to the slightest rod movements.  Can be rigged numerous ways to help you catch fish in more conditions.  Our favorite is to rig them on a shaky head.


  • Size: 6-inch
  • Straight worm with bulb bait
  • Durable baits with amazing action

Multiple rigging options allows you to fish the Obee Finesse Worm at any depth.  Can be bounced across the bottom on a shaky head or twitched at the surface. 

Obee Finesse Worms are made by using the highest quality plastic, colorant, and glitter.  Our worms are the perfect softness to give off the best bait action and durability.

Check out all of popular and custom colors HERE

Best Stick Worm - Obee Stick Worm (5-inch)

Why the Obee Stick Worm: Obee 5-inch Stick Worms are made by using the perfect soft plastic softness for the best stick worm action with unmatched durability, color, and shine.  Obee Sticks can be fished multiple ways that will help you land more fish.  


  • Size: 5-inch
  • Classic senko action
  • Durable stick worms with amazing wiggle action

Two of the most popular and effective ways to fish an Obee Stick Worm is to rig them either Texas rig or wacky rig.  Texas rig you put the hook through the top of the worm and make sure it stays straight on the hook.  Wacky rig you put the hook through the center of the worm.

You fish both techniques the same way.  First cast the stick worm out and let it sink to the bottom.  Slowly rise your rod so the stick lifts off of the bottom and let it sink back down.  You will catch most of the fish when the Stick Worm is sinking back to the bottom. 

Check out all of our popular and custom colors HERE

Best Soft Jerkbait - Obee Jerk Minnow (5-inch)

Why the Obee Jerk Minnow: The Obee Jerk Minnow imitates baitfish better with the amazing dart zig and glide this bait gives off.  Able to be fished various different ways (top water, deep water, and everything in between).  Big bass go crazy for Obee Jerk Minnows.


  • Belly hook slot
  • Flat tail
  • Durable jerkbait that lasts multiple fish
  • Realistic colorways available

Obee Jerk Minnows are incredible soft plastic baits that will catch fish all times of the year.  Even though they do work great all year and all seasons, they perform best during the spawn, pre spawn, and fall seasons. 

Soft plastic jerkbaits can be fished numerous different ways to catch fish in different conditions.  One of the most popular ways is to simply rig them weightless, with a 4/0 extra wide gap hook.  If you are looking to target fish that are still deeper in the water, rig the Jerk Minnows on a 4/0 extra wide gap weighted hook. 

Check out all of our popular and custom colors HERE


Other Useful Information

What color is best for bass fishing with a plastic worm? 

The quality of the water determines the ideal plastic worm color for bass. When fishing in clear water, where bass can see best, use translucent colors like watermelon. They disappear into the background, causing bass to bite to see if they are food or not. Black and other dark hues work best in murky water. Bass finds their silhouettes with ease.

Do I always need a sinker/weight with soft plastics?

With soft plastics, weights are not usually necessary. For instance, stick worms are frequently fished wacky style, with a hook driven once through the middle of the Stick Worm.  Soft plastic jerkbaits can provide a darting action without the use of a weight.

Why can I never catch fish with soft plastics?

Soft plastic baits can be used everywhere and at any time to catch bass. For every fishing situation, there is a soft plastic bait available, regardless of depth or weather. Rigging the perfect one for the current fishing conditions is the key to unleashing their potential. While a small flat-bellied worm on a dropshot is excellent for catching deep-water smallmouth, a Texas rigged craw is preferable for catching largemouth that are probing shallow-water plants.

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