4 Ways You Can Catch Huge Fish With Soft Plastic Worms

The majority of fishermen would probably choose a soft plastic worm if they had to choose one bait they could only fish with for the rest of their lives.

It is a very versatile lure, so it appeals to a wide range of fish. Depending on the conditions, you can rig it in different ways. It can be overwhelming knowing them all.

These are the 4 best plastic worm fishing rigs you need to know that will work under a variety of conditions. Given the right circumstances, all of them will catch fish - so if you haven't used one yet, try it out next time!


1. The Texas Rig

With soft plastic baits, there may be no other rig as widely known and used as the Texas rig. All fishermen should know about this bait that can be used all year round. My first bass was caught that way, and that's how I learned how to fish.

Texas rigs are very easy to set up. In this case, we used a plastic worm and a bullet weight. The hook is tied to the end of the line after you thread the bullet weight onto it. As shown in the picture below, thread the worm on the hook. It's time to go fishing!

Then why does a Texas rig rank as one of the best rigs to use with plastic worms if it's so simple?

A Texas rigged worm is capable of getting into any location you need it to. Are there many branches of a tree dangling over the water? Most of the time, a Texas rigged plastic worm can enter every nook and cranny and will emerge unstuck.

Bass particularly like to hide in trees, bushes, or anywhere else that offers hiding places. If a bait fish comes by, they can be eaten by the hiding bass. When the sun is up, they'll also seek shade from anything that offers it.

The texas rig is what you need to tie on if you want to catch those fish. You'll be getting bites in no time if you throw it around every hole around cover you can find. This is a great bait to use when you know the location of the fish you intend to catch.

Almost any soft plastic worm will work on a Texas rig, but I recommend trying out the 6" Trick Worms from Obee Fishing Co. 


2. The Wacky Rig

You might think that this wacky rig is too dumb to work, but it's a fish-producing rig everyone should know.

A wacky rig doesn't even have a weight - it's just a hook with a worm hooked straight through the middle so that both sides hang gently. Normally, the worm is used with Stick Worms, but it works with any worm with varying degrees of success.

Soft plastic worms look extremely lifelike thanks to the wacky rig. The worm can move and sway like a real worm in the water since so much of it is off the hook. Fish that wouldn't eat a less natural-looking bait will often happily open their mouths for a wacky-rigged worm.

Due to the weightless nature of this rig, it can only be used in shallow water. It will take you forever to let it fall to the right depth if you throw it in 30 feet of water. Keep it at a maximum depth of 8 feet or less.

Secondly, since the hook is open, it's not a good lure for thick cover. Without a weight, you will not get hung up as much, although it will get stuck if you aren't careful.

However, if you have the right depth and mostly open water, a wacky rig can be very productive. Especially when you tie on a 5" Obee Stick Worm.



3. The Carolina Rig

You should also know that this rig works best in deeper water and can be fished across wide areas of a lake when you aren't sure where the fish are.

Unlike the Texas rig, the Carolina rig has the weight sitting off of the hook rather than directly on it. In its place, Carolina rigs have an egg-shaped weight with a few feet of leader line between it and the hook. In general, snaps and swivels are commonly used, but I prefer Carolina keepers.

Your worm and hook will be dragged across the bottom of the water and float on top, however you set up your Carolina rig. In essence, you're just going to drag the weight across the bottom, while several feet behind it is a worm fluttering around for fish to bite.

This setup is great because you can fish over large areas like points. Points are a great place for fish to hang out throughout the fishing season. They are easily reached by casting over them and dragging them back to the boat steadily. In contrast to the other rigs, the Carolina rig typically covers a large area.

So you don't have to know exactly where the fish are, which makes it an excellent bait when you can't find them or when all you need is one bite to find out exactly where they are. 

The rig can also be used with a heavy weight and cast a mile, unlike other soft plastic worm rigs, making it easier to cover large areas of water.

The possibilities for worms on a Carolina rig seem almost endless, but I prefer larger finesse worms for my Carolina rig. Like the 6" Obee Trick Worm



4. The Dropshot Rig

Drop shot rigs are becoming more and more popular in the fishing world. A Texas rig differs from a drop shot rig in that it has the weight and then the hook. In a drop shot rig, the hook is placed before the weight.

You can do this without a special hook, but if you're a beginner, I recommend purchasing one of these specialty hooks that has two places to tie line to. One end of the line is tied to your main line, and the other end to a piece of line about a foot long with a weight attached to the bottom. The result should be similar to this picture.


 The weight should be placed below the hook, but why would you want that?

Texas rigs have the disadvantage that the worm is always on the bottom of the water. The worm won't be up in the fish's face if there's grass, moss, leaves, or anything else. With a dropshot, the worm is lifted off the bottom of the water and above anything sitting on it.

Because of this, fishing in a small farm pond with grassy or mossy bottoms is a dream come true. Whenever you need your lure to stay above any junk living on the bottom of an untreated fishery, the best bait is this.

Nevertheless, it can also be used in deep water if the fish are off the bottom and several feet above the surface of the water. A fish finder shows what height the fish is holding at when you adjust the leader from your weight to hook.

A dropshot has a large negative in addition to its many benefits. Only open water can be fished with a dropshot. Your weight will be wrapped up immediately when you cast into trees, limbs, or any other cover. 

Most worms will work on a dropshot, but I really enjoy finesse and trick worms 6" and smaller, like the 6” Obee Straight Tail Worm


To get the most out of your plastic worms, try the rigs above. Having all of these in your arsenal is essential if you want to become an expert fisherman.



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