Best Finesse Worm Color for Bass Fishing

The majority of people utilize this kind of worm. Unquestionably, one of the best baits to use if you want to catch a lot of bass is the Obee 6" Finesse Worm. This lure is a dependable choice no matter the time of year, the purity of the water, or the climate.

The Obee Finesse Worm's exceptional versatility is one of the factors that contribute to its effectiveness. Bass can be caught using a Texas, Carolina, Neko, Shakey Head, or any combination of those rigs. With this bait, there are essentially limitless presentation possibilities.

Why choose Obee Soft Plastic Baits?

Obee Fishing Co. offers the highest quality soft plastic baits on the market.  We hand mix and inject our soft plastic worms giving off unmatched color, shine, and action.  Our worms are also impregnated with the perfect amount of fine salt. 

There are thousands of different colors and glitter combinations to choose from.  Obee makes the choice easy by offering popular and custom colors which are proven to work time and time again.  


Green Pumpkin Obee Finesse Worm

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The most often used worm color is undoubtedly the Green Pumpkin Obee Finesse Worm. This color will catch bass regardless of whether you prefer Obee Finesse Worms or Obee Stick Worms better.

It's usually a good idea to start with this color while you're out on the lake. Bass adore it because of how natural-looking it is. It doesn't really resemble anything, yet it vaguely resembles practically everything.

You should find out quickly if the fish aren't biting if this color, and then go on to a different color on this list.


Green Pumpkin with Chartreuse Obee Finesse Worm

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When the bite is slow, the Green Pumpkin Chartreuse is a fantastic alternative. The tail's chartreuse tip makes this bait far more visible and frequently encourages more fish reflex strikes.

Because of its exceptional color and softness, our customers prefer the Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Obee Finesse Worm over other chartreuse Finesse Worms. Compared to the alternatives, we really prefer the Green Pumpkin's natural appearance.

Check out this bait if you're one of the rare fishermen who hasn't previously included chartreuse-tipped baits to their collection of lures. This minor color change can drastically improve the day when the bite is slow, but a highly vivid hue isn't drawing much notice.


Black with Red Flake Obee Finesse Worm

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The Black Red Glitter Obee Finesse Worm has garnered a lot of praise from fisherman. The red glitter variety is the greatest one for it, but you shouldn't concentrate on the kind of glitter. We believe that the Black Finesse Worm's effectiveness is due to its simple profile and ability to stand out in the water.

Because of how dependable they are, some fishermen would even go so far as to state they will only use Black with Red Glitter Worms when fishing.

We advise utilizing a red glittered worm in more translucent waters if you're fishing with it. This is because when light can easily shine on the red glitter, it will reflect light much more effectively.


Watermelon Gold Obee Finesse Worm

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Now, this hue is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a worm that is a lighter shade. The Watermelon with Gold flake Obee Finesse Worm is excellent even if you haven't heard of it or used it yet.

This is a light-colored watermelon with super shiny gold glitter.  This colorway in the water almost resembles a baby bass, which if you did not already know bigger bass will eat smaller baby bass.  This is a super effective option.  Also available with chartreuse tails.

In shallow water where young bass and other small baitfish hide, is where we advise flipping this lure.


Redbug Obee Finesse Worm

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After experimenting, the Redbug Obee Finesse Worm is the last color to transition to (also known as redbug). This is particularly accurate in the summer. Red worms are a summertime favorite among bass everywhere for whatever reason.

This is perhaps because during these warmer months, bass become more aggressive feeders. If you like employing the same bait in several water columns, red worms are also a terrific color option.

Bass can be caught using the Redbug Obee Finesse Worm in clear shallow water or muddy deeper areas.


Obee Fishing Co.

Obee Fishing Co. offers the highest quality soft plastic baits on the market by using the best mixture of plastisol, colorant, glitter, and fine salt.  All orders ship via USPS (USA) within 1-3 business days from your purchase date!  Contact us today if you would like to create a custom color in your new favorite confidence soft plastic baits!

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